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Congratulations to all the girls that made a Legacy Volleyball team.

14  Royal Team

             Player Name

                Morgan Richter

                Abigail Sheets

                Danielle Luis

                Faith Flores

                Hannah Illausky

                Ashley Moore

                Avery Bertagna

                Jaelynn Martinez

                Emelee Estrada



13  Royal Team

           Player Name

              Mckynna Beck

              Arden Ebert

              Katelyn Ashley

              Grace Bell

              Kassandra Morin

              Jaqueline Hernandez

              Kathryn Skrobarczyk

              Natalie Quintanilla

              Victoria Moreno

              Dannielle Torres



Let the Legacy begin...

15  Royal Team

           Player Name

             Jenna E. Thompson

             Angelica M. Velazquez

             Kayla B. Uhl

             Rebecca E. Deleon

             Kennedy H. Quintanilla

             Lindsey E. Tolan

             Shyan M. Anderson

             Shanaya G. Cross

             Alyssa Ramirez

             Mckenzie K. Rodriguez